Monster Model

College (2018) | Maya | Photoshop

In my first year of college I created this monster model using Maya and Photoshop for a 3D modelling assessment.

Looking back at my work I'm very happy with what I produced even though there's a lot that could be improved upon.

Monster Animations

College (2019) | Maya | Sony Vegas Pro

Following the creation of the monster model were these animations which were also part of an assessment and created with Maya. I remember using Maya's quick rig tool to rig the model with a skeleton, using the graph editor to create smooth transitions between key-frames and the paint skin weight tool to control the surface area affected by the models joints.

I'm happy with how the animations turned out, however, if I was going to create animations like these again I would put a strong focus on using facial expressions and make the movement in the arms & legs less stiff.

Throne Render

Skills Competition Wales

2018 | Bronze | Maya

Whilst I was studying in college I entered into a 3D modelling competition for Skills Competition Wales. I wanted to do it because I was keen on expanding my skill set and wanted to try something new. The competition brief was to create a throne based on a few paragraphs from a story. Unfortunately the model isn't fully textured but I managed to achieve 3rd place in the competition, achieving a bronze award.